Central Florida Technology Ventures                                                    A Manager-led, Investor Driven, Committed Seed Capital Fund

Central Florida Technology Ventures provides seed capital to fund the growth of early-stage, high quality, technology ventures primarily, but not exclusively, in the 23-county Florida High Technology Corridor.

CF TechVentures is a committed capital fund organized as a Limited Liability Company under the laws of Florida. Our members are a group of accredited investors with experience in starting, managing, operating, investing in, and advising technology businesses.  With this experience, we take an active role in the development of our portfolio companies.

CF TechVenture's unique features include:

Organizational Structure:  CF TechVentures 

is a manager-led, investor driven organization.  

Deal-flow, due diligence, and general fund administration and management are led by a technology managing director.  

The business, affairs, and investment decisions of the fund are driven by the members under the leadership of the fund chairman.


Investment Decision Process:  

The key features of the investment decision process include: 1) Prospective company application submission and application tracking using Angelsoft – accessible by all fund members,        2) Initial screening conducted by managing director and member screening committee, 3) Due diligence conducted by managing director and member due diligence committee,  4) Due diligence analysis and prospective portfolio company presentations at each monthly fund meeting, and 5) Membership vote on proceeding on investment at monthly fund meetings.

Portfolio Investment Strategy:  

CF TechVentures has developed an investment strategy designed to maximize financial return and minimize financial risk to its members.  This strategy is based upon the best practices and experience of typical institutional venture capital funds which include building a diversified portfolio of companies over time through highly selective investing.

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